Friday, June 10, 2005

I finish the long post below and then went to read Josh Corey's blog and cracked up. Yes, I suppose we're all a little self-absorbed aren't we? But then we're poets. Last fall in my lit seminar I wanted to scream every time someone called Anne Sexton a selfish narcissist. Don't we sort of have to be a bit narcissistic to write poems at all and not be using our talents to cure cancer or something like that. Isn't all art just a little narcissistic?

I don't mind reading about other people's process or submission trials. It sort of makes me feel a little less alone. Like someone else gets up and obsesses over all the same things I do everyday. Especially since no one immediately around me surely does this sort of stuff. He has some good points though, as if we're supposed to non-chalantly look as if we're not trying all that hard, that these poems just appear and find their way into publication w/out us trying. Something SO not true. Yes, it's about the poems, but it's also about getting them out there. Maybe not success or fame, but AUDIENCE of some sort.

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Phil Plasma said...

I agree with your point about narcissism - I think that most of everyone who is blogging is really hoping that there are people out there reading their posts. I'm a random blog reader where I read the most recent entry of a blog and often reply to it. I liked your entry because of how true it rings to me. I am not an aspiring poet, I do dream of a writing career but am too comfy with the salary my tech job provides. At the very least Ceremonial Soup provides to me a place to do my writing and have somewhat of an audience.