Friday, June 24, 2005

Escaped the stifling heat this afternoon by indulging in a little summer blockbuster escapism--Batman Begins, which was pretty damn good. I typically avoid going to see new releases since it's so spendy and I'm never guaranteed I won't think it sucks. I'll usually spring for horror movies, or things I'm guaranteed to like, but most Hollywood fare usually warrants waiting until it's released on DVD or on cable. I was a HUGE fan of the the second in the series, the Tim Burton extravaganza, dark and foreboding and canivalesque--and cat woman just so damn cool. I think I saw it three times at the theatre the summer after I graduated from high school. I'm neutral on the first one, but hated the third with a passion (might be my aversion to Jim Carrey), so much so that I've never even seen #4. This one looked more promising and less comic-bookish and more noir and gritty, and it was. Unlike most longish movies, where after two hours, I'm like "wrap this up already" I was sorry it had to end. At least a good trade for my admission price.

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