Sunday, June 26, 2005

Am rather looking forward to my week off after the 4th, some lazy days out in the country--well as country as you can get these days. Taking or book or notebook out to the nice comfy chairs out near the pond. The 4th and its picnics and fireworks and possibly the flea maket in Kirkland. Nights sitting out under stars. It's strange, but I only miss my parents house in the summer really, when everything was thick and in bloom, flowers overflowing the pots, the flower beds, the thorny blackberry bushes in back, my dad's veggie garden overrun with tomatoes by August. Things I never get enough of here, things like grilled burgers and steaks, sweet corn. When I was in college, and still lived at home, I'd layout on the deck at night, headphones blasting Mazzy Star, to escape the heat in the house. Though there were summers where outside was worse than in, and I'd be holed up inside all day directly in front of a fan with a book and only be able to venture out once the sun had gone down. Violent storms. Power outages. In any of the cars I inherited over the years, none ever had air conditioning, so that wasn't really any sort of respite, but we'd drive to the mall, or the movie theater, to cool off. When I was younger, we had a pool, and would be in there from sun-up to sun-down, pausing only to climb out for lunch or dinner, smelling of chlorine and always sunburned, my then-blonde hair turning the most toxic shade of gold-green.

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JHK said...

I hope your week off is as magical and relaxing as this post sounds.