Tuesday, May 31, 2005

There's always this rush of relief and freedom at the end of the semester, which should last for a couple weeks. I plan to work on the Joseph Cornell-inspired chapbook and the more narrative novel-like sequence I want to do, release two more dgp titles, plus the print annual of wicked alice. Also a few readings, the first of which is next Sunday at the Printers Row Book Fair. Should be fun, though they've nixed the poetry actual tent for a hypothetical poetry tent in the superdorm building, which flanks the festival. The nice thing about the poetry tent was that it captured people's attention as they milled about the fair, drew them in if they heard something interesting, now it's not as noticeable. But it should be fun nevertheless, with a whole boatload of poets reading.

If I'm feeling particularly ambitious this summer, I'd like to get a start on the carnival poems, which I've decided hell or highwater are likely going to comprise my thesis. Of course, I know despite all my plans and to-do lists, everything will likely take two times longer than I intended while I spend my time lying about in the heat being lazy. But I think a little legarthic daydreaming and semi-trashy novel reading may be in order since this semester was such a fucking chore.

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