Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yesterday, a dreary cold day with the wind howling outside my windows and I swear I saw snow flurries a couple of times. There is at least a little sunshine today, though it's still damn cold out. I ordered almost $100 dollars in poetry books from Amazon as my birthday present to myself (okay I'm trying to justify it any way I can)--the two earlier Daphne Gottlieb books (I've read library copies before, but want my own), Nick Flynn's Some Ether, and two other books by Mary Ann Samyn, including the newest one, Purr, which looks promising.

Tomorrow, all potential birthday festivities have been pre-empted by work (blah) and homework (double blah). I also really need to do laundry. Perhaps I'll get myself one of those gigantic cupcakes with all the frosting and stick a candle in it. Perhaps I'll take a trip to the Art Institute before I have to be to work at two o'clock. Perhaps I'll write a really good poem. Perhaps I'll go buy something ridiculously expensive, beautiful, and completely useless.

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