Sunday, April 17, 2005

Today, an absolutely gorgeous 70 degrees out. Slept in this morning--odd plot-driven dreams that felt like movies--horror movies in a couple of cases. I got off the train early and stopped for a sandwich and some iced tea and had a rather leisurely stroll to work It is absolutely quiet and tomb-like in here, which is a good thing since the catalog and circulation system has been down most of the day. Did manage to finish the book of red sequence as you can see below. I think I've pretty much decided to stay home and work on stuff for classes tonight, since the reality of Tuesday and everything I have due then usually hits me about Sunday afternoon. These weekly assignments are killing me. Having to read, write, and present every week is taking it's toll. I'm used to having small breaks where nothing is expected of me, where I can allow things to pile up if necessary.

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