Friday, March 18, 2005

Spent the afternoon working on the actual book of the WomanMade project, the collaging, and so far it's shaping up pretty good. Hopefully the next few pieces of the written part will follow suit. I think I'm going to be able to get the next DGP chapbook printed this weekend if I'm not to exhausted after working both Saturday and Sunday, thus my blissful day off today. I plan to spend my hours at the circ desk getting the webpage set up for sales and hopefully will have a chance to get a jump on the next Wicked Alice lay-out. It looks like the release may be more like mid-April instead of the first of the month like I planned. I haven't even opened the last batch of submissions yet, so I'm thinking it's not gonna happen.

I'm extraordinarily distracted and disorganized the last week. I'm apt to blame my classes, but I've become an expert at time wastage via blog reading and watching music videos on the laptop when at home, which I never used to do. At least it was a good investment it seems in that regard.

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