Wednesday, March 09, 2005

parlor games

Tonight, went to a reading at Columbia--Ed Roberson and CS Giscombe...I'm not all that familiar with Roberson's work but we did read Giscome Road in the hybrid class last semester, so I recognized some of those peices. There was apparently a scheduling snafu which resulted walking the six blocks between the concert hall and the other end of campus in the frigid cold not once, twice, but three times in one night when we had to go back to workshop. Because the concert hall was otherwise booked, we wound up in this quaint recital room--very JaneAustenesque, with its chairs arranged and its piano at the front. I don't get into the other buildings on campus often, but some of them have some great architecture going for them. Too bad when they designed the library they decided to go for doctor's waiting room chic. I'm sure the bones of the building are grand, but you can't see any of it anymore.

These Wednesdays with my entire day free are very nice though. I slept twelve hours last night and got up to work on some poems and a couple other projects,which gives me a pause before the three day stetch until I have another day off...

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