Friday, March 11, 2005

I've been working a bit on the book of red today...collecting some collage stuff and the text itself. I was going to try to give it more of an altered book feel and manipulate the text of the fairtytale version of Little Red Riding Hood, but am unsatisfied with the versions I've found, and I'm not sure if I can work with them. I started drafting some original poems interweaving some different versions of the tale, and so far so good. perhaps there will be a bit of overlay of text as well as image. And this way, perhaps I'll get some poems out of as well. It does fit in with my current explorations, ie what I did with errata and my plans working toward another book , dealing with women and knowledge, women and sexuality, women and the idea of the forbidden, or the corrupting, and of course. (girls reading novels is the working title).

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