Monday, March 07, 2005

from the dream concordance (draft)

pg. 67 you were thinking torn and the hyacinths had teeth

pg 78 caught when telling a lie, her teeth began to crumble into her cupped palm

pg 89 in an atlas roughly the size of a table, his teeth gleamed in the lamplight

pg 90 those which use their teeth as a means of attack or defense

pg 99 forgotten the buckets, milk-heavy, the day’s teeth already into her

pg 104 the space behind her teeth and tongue purpling and erratic

pg 107 when bending at the waist, the movement of the comb’s teeth along the scalp incites a certain frisson

pg 110 hard toothlike projection from the beak of embryonic birds, assists in hatching, later falls off

pg 112 the top of the backbone and already in the teeth, the fever spreads to the ears

pg 130 exhibited a certain sweet tooth and affinity for lemon cake

pg 145 loss of teeth, could denote a deprivation of vitamins, but may signify loss of love. Large teeth indicate dishonesty or wordiness.

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