Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Am in the home stretch with the Book of Red collage project--which is a good thing since I need to deliver it to the gallery Friday afternoon.  Spent a better part of Sunday working on it--the highlight being when my neighbor next door came knocking on my door asking me to turn the music down because he was trying to get some work done.  I breifly considered telling him he might not want to maturbate so loudly in that case (I assume it's that since I don't hear anyone ELSE quite so vocal.) I'm surprised it was so loud considering it was just the tiny laptop speakers and not my stereo.
Spent the rest of the day assembling the next DGP chapbook, and am nearly finished.  Also some more Wicked Alice's from last year.  I have the covers all printed, but ran out of bodies for the initial print run of 100, which I guess is good.  Suddenly had an unexpected spike in sales--I don't know where THAT came from, but it's good.
Realized that I have a bunch of stuff out in submission that's making me impatiently check the mailbox everyday, moreso than usual--9 out to print journals, three poems each. Plus two book manuscripts, and two chapbooks.  No wonder I'm unusually antsy. 

And today, absolutely gorgeous out, the first day when it's been reasonably warm this year. I  SO do not want to be stuck here in the library.  Spring Break--on the good side it means a break from classes, bad side is that I have to work the dreaded 9-5 shift.  I'm not sure it's a fair trade. 
Im suddenly obsessed with the idea of a series of carnival poems. Of course I can't start that til I finish the half-dozen other things I've vowed to do.  The Red Riding Hood poems.(only some of which I'm using for the collage project).  More Joseph Campbell pieces.  The regular book poems.  Poems for class.  Plus layout for the next Wicked Alice.  Plus getting a start on the next DGP chapbook.  Plus a new little venture which we we'll see if it pans out.
Ah, but it's spring...so things don't seem quite so overwhelming...

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