Thursday, August 18, 2005

Have been busy today going through the July batch of submissions for wicked alice. I’ve determined if I take care of them one month at a time, it’s not quite so overwhelming. Then I can look at August’s batch in September and hopefully have the issue up mid-month. I’m also in the process of planning the first-ever dancing girl press reading with the local poets (well two local and one who’s coming to town then). if I can reserve the date, it will be mid-January at Quimby’s. I’ve never hosted a reading before, which somehow makes me even more nervous than actually READING.

I’ve spent the last few days altering the order in the fever almanac, the title of which I finally decided for good. Though it’s out to a bunch of places, I never really was altogether content with my ordering. But since I couldn’t see any other options at the time, I sent it out. It’s more coherent as it exists now, same poems, but organized differently. I decided to throw out those other feign poems, about 10 of them, very different than the others. Maybe I’ll rebuild feign as an entirely different manuscript, those and the more recent poems from this last spring, which was how it was initially planned before I merged them together.

I’ve vowed to stop obsessing and just let what happens happen. Yeah, we’ll see how that works out.

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rebecca said...

yeah, me, too, ditto that, no more obsessing. oh, i'm sending you some poems.......